With over 15 years of experience in working with companies ranging is size from 10 people to over 80,000 people we have the understanding and expertise of what businesses require from technology. Start-ups and Small to Medium sized businesses are often force fed technology that is not the best for their business. Many times they are forced to try and fit traditional or out-dated solutions. Kind of like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Instead we make use of modern technologies and methodologies to make sure you get what is right for your business.

- Business Technology Consulting

vAusTek LLC works directly with our clients to help build a customized technology plan, a road map, based on their specific needs. There is no “one size fits all” in technology. We have experienced consultants that have a track record of delivering top quality.

Start-Up Services

To ensure the success of a new venture it is critical that business technology needs properly addressed up front. If not, an inefficient infrastructure could result in added technology expenses, depleting funds better spent on other business needs. Fixing technology issues down the road will likely cost the company much more than implementing  a proper technology infrastructure from the start.

Small and Medium Business Services

Many businesses start out with little to no business technology, while others have an inefficient infrastructure that needs to be brought back on track. Transitioning your technology infrastructure can be costly if done poorly.

All Services

We work with companies to explore their needs and develop their business technology strategies. We believe that Information Technology is not just an expense, but an essential part of your business.

vAusTek will work with you to find the best fit for your company based on several factors, including:

   * Business Type
   * Business Size
   * Budget
   * Single Location vs. Multiple Locations vs. Remote Employees

Our consultants have years of experience in all facets of IT / Business Technology:

   * Communications (Email, Calendar, Chat, Phone)
   * File Servers
   * ERP / CRM
   * Desktop / Laptops
   * Project Planning
   * and anything related to IT

We do not limit our clients to traditional methods; we make use of all the latest technology as well as traditional methods, depending on what fits best for your business.

We deliver a true road map and business strategy for all of your technology needs!

- Product Consulting

vAusTek LLC will work with Start-Ups and Investors during planning and development of technology based ideas and products. We investigate the viability of products in the marketplace by determining if there is a true fit for the product. We have experienced product consultants that will help Start-Ups or Investors understand the potential of a particular product in the market.

If you are considering investing money in a new product or business, let us help you make an educated decision!

We will be happy to consult on:

   * Marketing Strategy
   * Product Marketing
   * Product Roadmap
   * Competitive Analysis
   * And more…