Want to go on tour?
If you are a new author,  seasoned author,  have several books or a newly released book,  you are welcome to start touring.

Tours consist of:
Guest Blogging - you as the author will create a blurb of 300 - 500 words on any topic you choose,  such as the writing process,  publishing process,  road blocks to writing, (but only one topic per blurb),  for the host to post to their blog on the date specified.

Author Interviews - Hosts will send you a series of questions for you to answer.  You will need to get these back in a timely manner,  at least a few days prior to the date you are scheduled to appear on their blog.

Book Reviews - some authors may be having a review of their book that can be posted to their schedules for fans and readers to see what others are saying about our book(s).  If you have extra books on hand,  this will benefit some hosts as they review your book and then have a give away on their blog,  getting your book into the hands of more readers.

SpotLight Features - as seen on the Spotlight Features page here in this site.

Blog Talk Radio - an author interview on live online radio,  listeners can stream in or join the live chat during your show to ask questions.

You will also receive a banner for your tour to include your picture,  book cover,  tour dates and your website if available.

All I ask is that you include at least one giveaway of your book to be made available at the end of your tour,  but of course you may offer more.

You decide how you want your tour to run.  Most tours run over a span of 2 - 3 months.  If you are interested in touring,  please fill out the form below.  Include your name,  book title,  and genre of your book.

Visit us today for full details.