We've all seen sites on the internet that helps to connect Entrepreneurs and Startups with World Wide Investors, well, a new kid on the block has joined this group, but with a difference.

The idea came from Jez Smith, a self confessed Entrepreneur, after searching for a site that offers the features of existing sites, but takes the BS out of connecting with Investors. Jez said " I just could not find a site i felt comfortable with, a site that goes staright to the issues of obtaining venture capital, a site that does not take it all so seriously". "I wanted Entrepreneurs to be able to 'show their wares', without having to jump thru hoops".

www.vcequity.com uses the latest "social engine" technology to make it quick and easy to connect to Investors, world-wide. "Our site not only enables Entrepreneurs to connect with Investors, it allows parties to make their own groups, exchange ideas, and generally get much needed advice from their peers", Jez Smith said..

What's the catch? We all know that existing sites out there in cyberspace usually makes the lowly funded Entrepreneur or Startup pay upfront for the privilege of using their web site. www.vcequity.com allows Startups and Entrepreneurs to join for free, and use most features for free. Jez said, "If no one ever contacts an Entrepreneur or Startup, it will never cost them a dime. What's the point charging large sums of money to Entrepreneurs and Startups upfront, when they are not assured of receiving any form of communication from VC's and Investors. We set up the site to make it free to join, and free to use".

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