SRIRANGAM RAMESH GURU, Traditional Vedic ASTROLOGER & Spiritual Advisor
CELEBRITY EXPERT ASTROLOGER for India's leading websites. His customers ranges from Hollywood &  Bollywood Actors, Models, CEOs, Businessmen. Experience: 19 years. He hails from a traditional Brahmin priest family. His ancestors were advisors to the Great Vijaynagar Empire existed in the 13th Century. Belongs to the Surya(SUN) dynasty - Prathama Sakha Niyogi Brahmin. His expertise in astrology is equal to ancient vedic astrologers. He learned traditional astrology techniques from guru Semmangudi Sri Vaidhyanatha Shastri. Specialized in all forms of astrology like Basic horoscope analysis, forecast and remedies for personal and professional development. Marriage Advice, Career Guidance, Health Astrology & Remedies for development.