Vegtabowl Foods - Where Vegetarians Eat Good Too - is a plant based comfort food company that specializes in making vegetarian and vegan prepared foods by hand and in small batches.  Our meat-free foods are made to make cooking a plant based meal quick and easy.  Spend less time chopping, dicing, prepping and cooking.  And spend more time connecting with your family and friends (cause that’s what’s really important right?)  All of our deliciously handmade foods are created in family sized portions for sharing (only if you want to...we won’t judge), or leftovers for lunch the next day.  We even got you covered with easy to “make & bake” decadent dairy-free desserts.  

Our mission is to create, serve, market, and deliver, delicious and wholesome vegetarian and vegan comfort foods that nourish the soul and taste delicious.  In obtaining our mission we have established the following goals:

    Invest In Our Community
    Meet The Growing Demand For Tasty Vegetarian Food
    Provide Delicious Dairy-Free and Egg-Free Food Alternatives


Honesty and Transparency
Embracing Diversity and Differences
Cultivating A Sense Of Community & Family

Our Food:

Welcome To A Delicious World of Meat-Free & Dairy-Free Food Options
Searching for delicious & easy to prepare vegetarian meals?  Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods not only provides you with meat-free foods, but also dairy-free food options that are suitable for vegans and people who are allergic to dairy products or eggs.

Diverse Range of Foods Delivered Directly To Your Doorstep:

With a variety of entrees, sides, and desserts to choose from, and new delectable delights being added every few months, their isn't a shortage of healthy & appetizing meals at Vegtabowl Foods.  Just shop the aisles and you will definitely find something new and exciting for you and your family to enjoy.