Year founded: 2008, Taiwan. Registered offices: Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Fredirkstad, Norway (trading as Velocite Europe AS)

Customer Philosophy:
Our core philosophy as a manufacturer is to engage the riders and our teams in developing truly high performing bicycle products. We have no heritage and therefore no legacy to hold us back, and no traditions to satisfy. We will simply make the best possible products free of engineering and design choices that do not truly benefit the rider. We also fully stand by our product performance claims -  when you buy a Velocite product you will receive the performance that we promised you, or even more.

Engineering Philosophy: Velocite is a brand run by scientists and engineers with a love of cycling. Our first and foremost priority is to apply the best actual engineering and scientific principles when developing new products. All the engineering and material science principles governing the development of high performance bicycles are well established have been in use for many decades in aerospace and automotive industries before they were applied to bicycles. We use the best technologies and materials from within and outside of the bicycle industry for a particular task at hand.All of our products pass the relevant EN/CEN safety and fatigue tests.

Engineering focus: Our engineering focus is on extracting the maximum stiffness at the minimum weight. This is the only way to realise the full potential of carbon fiber composites and advanced alloys, and provide our customers with true high performance products. There are tangible performance benefits of stiff and light bicycle components compared to just stiff, or just light components. We adapt each product to suit the intended purpose and carefully balance the stiffness, weight and rider comfort targets.

Product range philosophy:Our aim is to provide a complete range of distinct products that will satisfy most riders' needs. We only make premium products that can be used competitively under race conditions.

Velocite is supported by supply agreements with Shimano, SRAM, FSA, 3T, Prologo, Tektro, Vittoria/Geax and several other well regarded bicycle component makers. This allows us to build complete bicycles using only the highest quality components.

Who are Velocite products for? Velocite products are for riders that know what they want, and for those who are prepared to look for true substance. Velocite bikes, or components are likely not going to be the first bicycle product that you own, but you may stop your search once you try Velocite.

Why should you buy a Velocite product?  Velocite products present a rare breed of true high performance bikes and components. When you buy a Velocite bike you can be confident that there is possibly nothing better than it in any given category. Every product in our range is developed to deliver the best possible performance for the intended purpose. This holds true for all our products, from frames to wheels, handlebars, even bottle cages.

Ride Velocite, feel invincible.