Carriage Works is as much a service company as it is a manufacturing one. We take great pride in our workmanship and manufacturing style, but just as important to us is our dedication to providing the services necessary to facilitate the success of our customer's particular business endeavor. We regularly advise our customer/clients on issues such as point of sale development, marketing a franchise, equipment selection, health department codes, display marketing, and how to maximize limited space. We look at ourselves as problem-solvers, and we take every opportunity to utilize our 40 years in business with sales of 10 million in 2013. Carriage Works has expanded to 8 acres where most manufacturing is done in house such as Powder Coating, Metal work,
Graphics and Design Services.
We design and manufacture Vending Carts, Mall Carts, Kiosks, Wall Huggers, Food Carts, Beer Carts. Beverage Carts, Theme Carts , Promo Carts, Airport Carts, Pretzel Carts,Coffee Carts and Espresso Carts. Many of our clients are Casinos, Amusement Parks , Malls and Resorts around the World.