Vennli enables businesses to turn customer insights into strategic actions that result in market growth. It is a SaaS platform with built-in electronic surveying that makes customer research simple and fast and presents the results in an intuitive way so businesses know exactly what to do to increase their competitive advantage.

Vennli is about improving your position in the market and reinforcing your competitive advantage through an in-depth understanding of customer choice. We firmly believe that at the heart of every business growth challenge is a customer making a choice. After all, financial success depends on customers choosing a business over their competition. Using the real-time insights and visually intuitive reporting of the Vennli platform, our clients are making strategic decisions with more confidence and reaching their goals faster.

Vennli was founded in 2013 upon a proven strategy model developed by co-founder Joe Urbany, a marketing professor at Notre Dame, and the software expertise of co-founder Gary Gigot, whose background includes technology marketing and venture capital for firms such as Microsoft, Visio, and Frazier Technology.

At the heart of Vennli is the vLens, a dynamic online report incorporating a three circle Venn diagram that quickly conveys what customers want, who they perceive to be delivering and where their needs are unmet using our patent-pending mapping algorithm. Market segmentation and custom filtering further enriches understanding of customer needs.

Vennli has validated that business and brand owners do not currently have the tools to quickly and intuitively understand how their customers are making decisions. This type of data is important but missing. Traditional market research is expensive, sporadic, takes too long, and involves sometimes complicated partnerships with outside organizations. It also takes a lot of interpretation in order to know how to apply it to strategic decision-making.
Therefore, Vennli has found that a need for customer insights such as this and a platform to enable strategy development exists across diverse markets. Vennli’s clients’ growth challenges are as diverse as trying to grow revenue, improving customer perception of a brand or product, increasing customer satisfaction, or introducing a new product to the market. Our clients include large manufacturing companies needing to differentiate in a commoditized market, automotive companies wanting to increase revenue, healthcare organizations wanting to attract new patients, a national non-profit needing to increase the number of volunteers, professional services firms needing to focus their value proposition, and university development offices needing to better understand what drives philanthropy decisions.