May 2013 marked a launch of an interesting venture that provides e-platform to effectively organize weddings. Some call it a e-supermarket for wedding related services and some call it e-Band Baja Barat. The founder of this unique venture, an ex-IBMer in US, Shyam Velumani very proudly calls it “OurVivaha.com”. Mandeep Singh, the Chairman of the company, a vetern of consumer goods & services business, passionately call it OV. Pradhiba, a co-founder emphatically states that OV provides a unique experience for consumers seeking affordable and quality services to organize weddings. OV promises to be a one-stop platform for organizing marriages at affordable rates and is ideal way to reduce the cost of Big Fat Indian Wedding. OurVivaha.com can help reduce costs by at least 25% without compromising on the quality of the services.

OurVivaha.com creates an eco-system that provides a ‘win-win’ for the consumers and service providers in the wedding space. This website has created a “smart system” to plan a wedding and is committed to connecting the consumers and vendors across the Indian sub - continent at the click of a button.

Speaking about this Shyam stated, “A wedding is the most memorable occasion in a person’s life. However, planning the wedding is time-consuming and stressful. OurVivaha.com simplifies the planning process at the click of a button without compromising on the quality of services.”    

The Key Services provided by Ourvivaha.com include:

Wedding Planning Consulting – The site provides end-to-end customized and personalized Wedding Solutions enabling Brides/Grooms and their families put together a Dream Wedding in the most cost-effective manner.  Experienced in-house wedding planners counsel the families free of cost to provide valuable tips on wedding planning.

Largest Vendor Database – The site has an extensive database of over half a million vendors across the length and breadth of the country. Moreover, till date this is only Indian Site that provides a list of service providers required from the run-up to the Engagement such as Finishing Schools, Cookery and Driving Classes amongst others. OV intends to layout quality parameters for vendors to segregate “OV Certified” vendors.

Budget Planner – The site provides an Intelligent Analytical tool that enlightens consumers on how to use their wedding budget effectively.  Besides an optimum allocation of the Wedding Budget, the Budget Planner Tool provides information on Consumer-Spending Pattern across  500 categories in any city/region. Additionally, this tool also suggests vendors who fall under the planned budget in the required city.

Vid Pep – The online video invite tool enables the user to record and upload video messages and send them via an e-mail. In today’s fast-paced life, it is increasingly tough to make the time to personally invite friends and family for the wedding. This tool saves time and money yet is personal as the user can create a personalized invite and e-mail it to the guests.

The Video Invitation can easily save more than 5% of the Total Wedding Budget. OurVivaha.com offers 3 video invitations for free and any additional invitations on request at a nominal cost.

WikiVivaha & VivahaVocab – ‘WikiVivaha’ is perhaps the only Online Reference Tool for the varied Indian wedding traditions and rituals. ‘VivahaVocab’ is a glossary of wedding-related terms. In today’s age of mixed culture weddings, this site helps simplify matters by having access to information about the partner’s community traditions.

Thought Leaders – The site provides exclusive access to a group of 25 Industry Experts for all  questions related to weddings. The Professionals include Wedding Photographers, Gourmet Chefs, Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists, Tarot Readers to mention a few.

India’s wedding market is $25Bn (1.6 Lakh Cr.). OV is all set to revolutionise landscape of wedding services market. With internet using population swelling, ever busy couples & their parents shall shun conventional ways to engage vendors and shall smartly choose right vendors at right cost using OV platform. Plus, smart alogrithams shall enable them to effectively & efficiently plan weddings.

Founder – Shyam Velumani

Pradhiba Santhosh – Co-Founder & COO

Mandeep Singh, Chairman of the Board

Arunkumar Kubendran, CTO & Co-Founder