In just five short years, PRO GAMER HOSTING INC. has been able to reach a milestone that no other gamer hosting site has been able to reach so far – 99.99% uptime !
As gamers ourselves, we know what you’re looking for in game hosting services and that’s exactly what we provide. Our competitors’ sites might offer more whistles and bells, but none of that does you any good if your gaming service is down. That’s why we’ve focused our growth on establishing solid partnerships with our world-class datacenters.

Fed by multiple energy grids, our state-of-the-art hosting sites boast 200-watts of power per square foot or 18-megawatts to get you through those periods of peak loads. Plus we offer full diesel-generator power backup to keep your service up and running during unexpected power blackouts. We offer Tier 1 connections from the major players in the market including Level 3, XO, Global Crossing, Aleron, AOL, UUnet and Cogent for ALL of our servers. Hi-speed, faster service and more bandwidth are our promises and our commitment to you.
As an authorized reseller of TEAMSPEAK and VENTRILO servers, PRO GAMER HOSTING INC. is committed to providing the best service at the lowest cost. Our highly skilled technicians are ready to assist the moment you need help. They’ll provide prompt, professional and courteous support no matter what time of day. Our help extends way beyond the occasional downed server, too. We’re here when you need to reconfigure your server or optimize your server’s performance. And we won’t charge more for superior codecs. One flat rate is all you pay.

Going forward, you can expect even more from PRO GAMER HOSTING INC. That’s because right now we’re undergoing a major update so we can serve your needs even better. We’re implementing a much improved support ticketing system, our billing system is undergoing major change and so are our control panels. We’re basically creating a totally seamless environment because our goal is to be the ONLY voice hosting provider you’ll ever need. If you think that Pro Gamer Hosting Inc. is exactly what you’re looking for right now, just wait until our plans turn into reality. And lucky for you, that won’t be long! Sign up today to get your world-class voice server and start making gamer history right along with us.