Ventura BMX opened in December 2012 at Ventura Community Park (corner of Telephone/Kimball Rds) to a crowd of over 1000 excited riders, families, and spectators. Encompassing about 5 acres of land just southwest of the renowned Aquatic Center, Ventura BMX has become a gem to many local youth and families. The track is open Tuesdays 5p-6:30p practice/race sign-ups with racing ASAP after; Thursdays 5p-7:30p for practice; and Saturdays 9:30a-11a practice/race sign-ups with racing ASAP after. Riders of all ages and skill levels are welcome at the track as we are completely open to the public.  Ventura BMX offers a fun and exciting alternative to traditional sports, with the chance to develop potential future Olympic athletes, all the while ensuring safety and honoring the environment. Unlike some other stick-and-ball or aquatic sports, BMX racing is one of the safest sports on record and, unlike motorized racing, BMX racing is relatively quiet and non-polluting, with very minimal environmental impact. Ventura BMX has been featured in the Ventura County Star, the Ventura County Reporter, BMX Plus! magazine, the Ventura Breeze, Conejo Valley Guide, and CAPS-TV Channel 6.