Venture X Brings Innovative Work Space to Naples Entrepreneurs

Naples, FL | May 1, 2012.  Now working for yourself no longer has to mean working by yourself. Launching in Naples with 8,000 sf of premium 1st floor space at Mercato, Venture X is an innovative member’s-only workspace for talented entrepreneurs, independents, freelancers and creative professionals.
Cofounded by longtime Naples residents and serial entrepreneurs David Diamond, Brett Diamond and John DeAngelis, Venture X was created to provide a unique work space for today’s radical entrepreneurs and to inspire, foster and develop entrepreneurship in Southwest Florida.
Venture X provides workspace, events, classes, and a collaborative community, offering features such as blazing fast WIFI, free organic coffee, modern desks, state-of-the-art conference rooms, cool lounge seating, café style kitchen, tech gadgets, quality color printing,  lockers, personal storage, outdoor café seating, large event space and much more.
David Diamond says that “How we work has radically changed in the last 5 years, and it’s continuing to evolve in a way that provides freedom and ease of entry for new ventures. Mobile technology, smart phones, the cloud and social networking are making it easier and less expensive than ever before to start and grow your new company.”
“People can now choose when and how they like to work and on their terms. They want the freedom to work outside the traditional corporate environment. They may have thought about a traditional office, executive suite, working from home, or a coffee shop, but soon discovered they all were a bad idea. Executive suites are cold and you feel isolated, working from home is distracting and you don’t get out of your pajamas until 3:00 in the afternoon, and coffee shops were not impressing the clients.”

“So Venture X was created to give these new entrepreneurs an environment to have that freedom and to work and succeed in the way they want. At Venture X we believe, the future works here.”

“We are really excited to bring this to Naples”, says Diamond. “We have experienced working in these types of spaces in San Francisco, LA and New York and saw how they encouraged entrepreneurship and helped startups and small companies thrive in a new, unique and exciting way. We are thrilled to be in Mercato which was our first choice as it offers all the best that is in Naples and gives a great business advantage to our innovative, creative members.”

Construction begins in May to create the highly functional, innovative and aesthetic space which uses sustainable and recyclable products.
With seating for over 100 members, Venture X is accepting applications for its members now and will be open in early Fall 2012.
At Venture X memberships are monthly and day passes are available as well. There are no leases or long term contracts to worry about. For more information and to apply for membership visit us at www.VentureX.co
That’s right our web address is the hot new [.co] not a [.com].  Pretty cool huh.