With Veoci on your team, you can prepare for, respond to and recover from any crisis or emergency your organization may face. Veoci is an end-to-end platform that helps you manage a wide range of responsibilities from daily tasks to special events. Veoci offers a fully integrated platform with a comprehensive suite of communication tools that keep the end user in mind and help expedite connections.

Veoci offers a variety of solutions in emergency management, business continuity, daily operations and resource management. Serving a wide range of industries spanning Airports & Airlines, Enterprise, Finance, Government, Health Systems & Hospitals, Higher Education, and Utilities.

The Veoci team places a heavy emphasis on availability and performance due to the criticality of the applications and solutions built on the platform, and has maintained 99.99% uptime since its inception. This know-how and the ability to put it into practice means that Veoci's customers are never blindsided by outages or downtimes, which is especially important given the unpredictable nature of many crises.

Veoci was created in 2011 by a pioneering team that built a globally deployed no-code application development platform at General Electric Company. Their collective experience and leadership has led to new innovations in the aPaaS world, with a particular focus on process automation.

Veoci strongly believes that properly executed process automation, aka workflow digitization, leads to greater efficiency, simplicity, and organization. When coupled with innovative features designed to facilitate collaboration while documenting all conversations and actions, automated processes can be remarkable organizational drivers. The end result is increased accountability, reduced costs, shortened timelines, and greater transparency.

The Veoci platform is designed to let organizations and businesses improve their processes by making it easy to make changes quickly and securely. With the ability to adapt to dynamic situations on the fly or apply remediations and mitigations without waiting for a code team to process them, institutions become more nimble and self-reliant.

Ultimately, Veoci provides the means for successful crisis management, deep and thorough preparedness, and ensured resiliency.