Founder Vance Johnson
Indie Label Self Distributed Genre Various
Country of origin United States
Location Fort Worth, Texas
Official website www.verbalmassmedia.com

Verbal Mass Media is an American (Indie) record label focused on the urban music market, which includes hip hop, r&b and pop music. The label various other indie label such as 5040 and S.S.M. Current artists include Sneeke Redd, Dom Shelton, Teflon Turksta, Lil Chase, Shadow, R. Shanks and D.K. among others.

Company History

Verbal Mass Media was founded by Vance Johnson, also known as Facts in 2013 a year after discontinuing Ivory Way Music while living in Denver, CO. He decided to move back to Texas with his brand to tap into the creativity where he grew up. Designing a company that would help new and established artists develop and grow in the industry. VMM released Before The Fame in 2016, which caterpulted Teflon Turksta into a regional star. Facts then added Dom Shelton and Sneeke Redd to the label roster in the summer of 2016 and D.K. fall of 2016. The label is now poised to begin releasing full albums in 2017. VMM will release one of three albums from Sneeke Redd entitled Conflicted Thoughts Of A Psychopath in 2017 as well as another compilation Civilized Savages and Dom Shelton's debut mixtape #iFWu later in 2017.