Verbosity Online LLC is a Central Arizona-based software development company. It develops subscription-based software applications delivered via the Internet. The company was founded in September 2008 and maintains specialists with proven experience and qualifications in the area of full-scale design, development, production and support for software application services.

Verbosity Online is a Platform that is analogous to cable TV. The platform will be driven by countless channels (called subjects) provided by us and also by third parties. The game play is designed to be casual and simple, yet timeless.  Everybody or anybody will be able to sit down at a PC or Mac and play or they can pick up their mobile device and play anytime anywhere while on the go! Verbosity Online boasts that an 8 year-old can compete in the same gaming environment as a 28 year-old while everyone learns and has fun.

It is important to note that the educational aspect of Verbosity Online is secondary so that the intent and true nature of Verbosity Online is clearly understood. This platform provides unification where none seems possible. Our efforts are to ensure that people of all ages, races, or cultures will be able to connect, play, compete and learn together.

Our focus is unification. In every scenario, situation and environment. Whether it’s in the home, amongst friends, in a classroom, in our cities and states throughout the country or every country on the planet! Unification through technologies like games connects people together. Our push for international unification is the Holy Grail of Connectivity that we seek. Our primary goal is to make rich, detailed and relevant content available to anyone seeking to learn anything while combining this endeavor with a healthy, competitive gaming environment accessible among friends and neighbors, international and domestic.