Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (VTPL) was founded in 2010 as the outsourced development centre for Brightstar which is a $10 billion corporation specializing in mobile distributions and services. Since then it has grown rapidly by providing a huge variety of IT services to a wide variety of clients including the likes of Apple, Vodafone, EE, TMobile and Telcel to name a few.

Specializing in Microsoft technologies, Veridic has implemented a vast range of projects right from customer facing websites, retail store solutions, warehouse management systems, CRM systems etc. to providing design services, infrastructure management services, reporting services and consultancy to many fortune 500 companies.

At Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. we believe in delivering high quality and cost effective IT solutions to our clients all over the world. With a team consisting of highly experienced and dedicated individuals, Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has always exceeded client's requirements and helped them grow their business immensely.

Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides end to end solutions to our client's right from software development to infrastructure maintenance and support. Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has helped its clients to reduce operational costs and completely focus on their core business while we take the complete ownership over their IT operations and its management.

Located at Panchkula, Haryana, which is a satellite town of Chandigarh, the most well planned city of India, Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is less than an hour's flight from New Delhi, the capital of India. This region is a major hub of IT in India and Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. leverages all the benefits of great infrastructure while having the ability to provide cost effective IT services to our clients.

With a long list of projects in the pipeline, Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has plans for rapid growth and is looking for brilliant individuals to join the rapidly growing team. Veridic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers best in the class remuneration with a fast track career growth and all the advantages of a rapidly growing company.