VerifEyewear is leading the way in how ECPs do online business in Canada. Committed to offering eye glasses that meet all requirements by the Opticians Association of Canada (OAC), VerifEyewear has partnered with to ensure all glasses dispensed through VerifEyewear meeting these standards.
Through partnerships with ECPs from across Canada, consumers order their glasses online at www.verifeyewear.com but must pick them up from one of our member locations. This program is different from other optical online sites because VerifEyewear is the only online eyewear company in Canada to be fully backed by the OAC.
All prescriptions will be scanned in and verified by an optician before the Rx is processed.
At the end of the transaction, the consumer will input their postal code and have a choice of a partnered optical in the area, and all pairs of glasses MUST be dispensed and verified from that location.
No pairs of glasses will be delivered to any location other than the partnered location.
All Rx’s will be verified by an Optician before being dispensed.
All Rx’s will be processed at Plastic Plus in Toronto.