The words, "At VeriPure, we've devoted our lives to preserving the world's greatest natural resource...YOU!" express the true commitment our team has made to providing safe, pure and innovative products for our clients around the world. We have assembled an exceptional team of scientists whose ongoing research and development led to the invention of ground breaking water purification and bacteria killing products for the medical field, military, food industry and the home. Providing "Pure Water and Pure Health" for the world is a challenge we take very seriously.
On behalf of the VeriPure® team, we think "the world" of you!

NSF certified under standards 42 and 53. High level testing with prestigious medical institutions in the U.S. is currently underway. VeriPure® has successfully serviced the food industry for over 5 years and has now expanded into the medical field, animal sciences, military applications and humanitarian efforts. Contact me today to learn more about this wonderful water. kengaldo@veripureinc.com