Veritape is a UK based, privately owned, innovative technology company specialising in developing powerful PCI DSS compliant call recording software solutions. With more than a decade of experience in the telecoms industry, Veritape was founded by business partners Cameron Ross and James Heath. We have offices in Manchester, St Albans and New York, staffed by a talented and enthusiastic team who are dedicated to delivering excellent technology and services to our customers.

CallGuard was created by Veritape in 2010. It is a powerfully simple tool which makes recorded calls fully PCI DSS compliant. It works with any call recording system as well as with Veritape’s powerful call recording software.

A trusted voice on PCI DSS compliance issues, Veritape is the only call recording company accredited as a PCI SSC Participating Organisation. We regularly give direct feedback on our customers’ PCI compliance challenges and insights to the PCI Council.

Our core product is call recording software, which is sold through a low-risk rental model. This offers a cost-effective, flexible alternative to traditionally expensive fixed hardware solutions. As well as recording millions of calls each day, our software also collects and interrogates data from the conversations within them. You could say that Veritape acts as a powerful telephone search engine.

To find out more about Veritape call recording software visit veritape.com. And to start a discussion about CallGuard or Veritape call recording software with us in more detail, contact us or call 0845 899 5500.