These companies are a journey of a person who travelled the path of sales for many years to finally listen to his heart and establish the advertising agency - Vermillion Communication in 2005. This keen observer of peopleand human behavior has picked up lessons from the grassroots and applied his skills not just in establishing the advertising business from 5 cr agency to a150cr group but also seeding in new relationships and fulfilling dreams and aspirations of people he held hands with.With over 20 years of experience in advertising, Deepak says,“Brands do not sell dreams anymore, they are lively, throbbing creatures who are here for a purpose and advertising’s role is to communicate their purpose in the most relevant, exciting & refreshing manner”.
“We were a team of total 12 people till 8 years back and today I have a strong team of more than 170 people dedicated to the communication business in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Jaipur and Lucknow. “My growth mantra is simple - to expand the core business of communication, add value to my brands and give worthy people opportunity”, says Deepak.
Hence different companies cover a gamut of services that give clients/brands a comprehensive approach to fulfill the business objectives. Opositive is a company that is an extension of Vermillion with Strategic Communication Consultancy and Film Making, W5 is Public relation (PR) company, IBroad7 is Radio & Television Marketing Company and Odino is the Digital arm.
There are many success stories that the group boasts of - Retaining and facilitating growth of brands with average client retention of 5 years; Creative advertising that has been acclaimed; The count of brand names, that we are very proud to be associated with, going in 3 digits; Group turnover of 150cr; Growing a client’s turnover to ten times higher with the right communication strategy and many more!
“I am more concern about passion and progression than profits and number crunching. I have followed my gut instinct more than the market predictions and survey forecasts and probably that is the reason Vermillion group is more about relationships and emotions for which, mind you, I do not always get thumbs up”, says Deepak laughingly.