VernerLegal.com develops and publishes mobile and web apps for the legal profession. We also publish court rules and statutes on amazon.com.

Our best-selling utility app is the Texas Child Support Calculator. With only five inputs, the app calculates Texas guideline child support, whether payable annually, monthly, twice per month, every two weeks or weekly. The Texas Child Support Calculator is now available for iPad and iPhone. An Android version is in the works.

Our reference apps include compilations of court rules and statutes. These apps are designed for use by attorneys in the courtroom who need rapid access to rules. These apps are searchable by drill-down through the table of contents, by keyword or keyphrase and by paging through the rules. Depending upon the platform, rules can be bookmarked and emailed. The reference apps are available through the iTunes store.

All apps are personally developed and supported by Jimmy Verner, a practicing Texas attorney who is Board Certified in Family Law and in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.