The journey started when Marcus van Enk (10 years experience in civil construction) jumped into his 4WD, flipped down the sun visor and got showered with paperwork and receipts.  With steam pouring out of his ears, he thought there must be a better way.

Shortly after, he took a sabbatical to develop an application which would meet his requirements and remove paperwork from day to day operations.
In 2011, he met Courtney Smith by chance and discussed the huge gaps in mobile based enterprise management frameworks focusing on mobile, compliance and quality.

Throughout 2011 and 2012, Courtney and Marcus undertook extensive research and development to determine what systems were available and how could they build a business from the emerging growth of smartphone adoption.

To that end they:

Read countless online cloud product reviews to identify where the market was heading and how the technologies were developing globally
Trialed and tested over 50 different cloud based products to identify the most important features and benefits, consulted over 500 hours with industry stakeholders to map technology outcomes with industry needs
Identified an exclusive partner Unyverse after scouring the globe for a fast moving, highly capable development framework, in growth phase of product development working with Unyverse, they listened, refined, submitted and delivered on over 250+ product improvements to the product - and continue to do so...

Fast forward to late 2012 and “Vertical Matters” was born off the back of the Autolync Group which was guided by director Courtney Smith.

Utilising the power of our leading mobile technology frameworks, Vertical Matters can address the cloud based technology requirements of any industry vertical or company seeking bespoke mobile developments in a rapid turnaround for low upfront cost.

The goal is to save companies time.