Founded in 2013, VTME is an engineering consultancy, dedicated for building transportation, façade access and any other electro-mechanical elevating/transporting equipment permanently installed within buildings. The founding members of VTME are qualified engineers who have been long time industry colleagues, with vast experience both as design consultants and equipment contractors.

Collective experience of our founding members exceed 40 years in heavy electro-mechanical equipment which has helped us in understanding the TRUE requirements of building designers, Architects and Owners. VTME has the very essential local market knowledge and design traditions and we guarantee to provide the construction industry a truly different experience at a professional level, just as desired by the building design professionals.

Our professional license has been issued by the government after careful consideration of our engineering qualification and vast project experience, exclusively for professional consulting. The consultants are locally recognized by the government and also by the CIBSE-UK.

We utilise the latest version of ELEVATE ® software for simulations. We have reviewed and practiced the design concepts of various industry veterans in the modern world. While we have learnt the basic design calculations thoroughly, we also understand how modern simulation techniques actually work. Our regional knowledge helps us in designing sensible solutions i.e. not blindly following other regions of the world.

80% of Vertical Transportation & Façade Access is Engineering – Science – Mathematics.

VTME employs qualified and experienced Engineers who can handle VT/FA design and engineering coordination in no time. VTME’s Engineers understand Architects very well and speak your language.

Our range of deliverables include: [Both Vertical Transportation & Façade Access]

Pre-contract phase:

Design Workshops, Traffic Analysis Reports, Comprehensive Guidance For Engineering Coordination, Dimensions & Drawings, Full Length CSI Specifications, Tendering Support, Tender Analysis Report & Award Recommendations

Post-contract phase:

Project Management, Technical Submittal Review, Design Dossier Review, Shop Drawing Review, Country-Of-Origin Review, Materials & Finishes Sample Review, Mock-up Inspections, Factory Inspections, Material Delivery Inspections, Installation Inspections and Final Performance Specification Inspections.