We are in the business of selling luxury products accessible to people of discerning tastes but who do not wish to spend a fortune. We have been in this business for many years. If it’s ever spotted in the hands of the rich and famous, you can be sure we have the replica version of it – down to every last detail.

Vertu is in a class of its own when it comes to luxury mobile phones. These exquisite handmade pieces sell for thousands of dollars, some even up to USD$200,000! Often decked in diamonds and gold, it is no wonder the price tag is exorbitant. Our phones are available for a bargain in comparison, but they look, feel and function exactly like the original Vertus.

Creating the perfect Designer phones is our most involved, complex and dedicated pursuit. Beneath the slick polished exterior of a Vertu, lies the complicated and precise interior chipset and software. To replicate them well requires a high level of expertise, and that’s exactly where we seek to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We create the highest quality range of Vertu replicas in the market, easily distinguishable by the high level of finish as well as the firmware and software, which are identical to the originals’.

Shopping online with VERTU Luxury Phone is easy, fast and convenient. Shopping online with Luxcellphone is easy, fast and convenient. Just take time to enjoy it.For any questions and problems, please contact us immediately. We’re ready to assist you at anytime.