VeteranAid.org was created to assist veterans and their families with a little known VA Aid & Attendance Pension benefit.


The Mission Statement of VeteranAid.org is comprised of three primary objectives:

* Educate the Public - The primary goal of VeteranAid.org is to educate the general public about the VA's Improved Pension Benefit. This is accomplished through the organization's website (VeteranAid.org), as well as through contact with the public at seminars, conventions, public events and sponsored events.

* Combat Misinformation - The second goal is to ensure that the general public is armed not only with correct information, but to dispel common myths and misunderstandings about the VA's Improved Pension Benefit. This objective is accopmlished through the organization's website (VeteranAid.org), as well as through educational materials that are distributed through email, postal mail and public events.

* Change the Process - VeteranAid.org firmly believes that the current process used by the Department of Veterans' Affairs to process applications and requests regarding the Improved Pension is fundamentally flawed and leads to unacceptable delays and denials in awarding the Pension. VeteranAid.org is a champion for streamlining the application and approval process, and will work towards affecting a change at the VA to reach this goal.

VeteranAid.org is a 501(c)(3) organization and was created to provide information, free of charge, to veterans, their spouses and families. If you are a veteran, the surviving spouse of a veteran, or the responsible family member of a veteran, we urge you to apply for the VA Aid and Attendance Special Pension at the earliest time possible. This benefit could make the difference between a veteran or surviving spouse living in a high-quality assisted living facility or in a state-operated nursing home.