Vet’s Best Friend invests in the Pet Industry, but that is far from who we are. Our leadership team came together with a shared vision. Whether it was our CEO, Jeff Wilson, our CMO Chuck Dunn, or our COO Gary Behler, each of them was tired of hearing about the poor treatment of the people in the Pet Services industry. A disturbing trend has been hitting Vet Hospitals, Boarding and Daycare facilities, and that trend is greed. Too many organizations have jumped into this industry focusing solely on spreadsheets and putting the quality of treatment and care on the back burner. That is not acceptable, and our team decided to not talk about it anymore and instead to BE ABOUT IT. Vet’s Best Friend was formed because of a belief that the Pet Industry deserves more. Taking care of the People that take care of our pets means everything to us and it’s not just about treating people right. It's about improving the workplace through efficiency, experience, technology and care. When people are well taken care of, and there is a relentless focus on quality patient outcomes, everyone wins. Far too many Vet Owners and Daycare Owners have told us about selling their practices and facilities only to have their people run out of town and their reputation and legacy tarnished in the process by high volume groups. Even though the Vet Owners and Daycare Owners had nothing to do with the actions that took place after the transaction, perception unfortunately becomes reality and that is simply unacceptable. Vet’s Best Friend is committed to providing a smooth and professional experience before during and after the sale of your practice or facility. Your community has been fortunate to have your business and we will do everything in our power to get better every day.