Viarentals.com is a user friendly website connecting property owners with renters from all over the world, in any language, to advertise their properties from short to long term rents, no matter the type of accommodation or location in the world.

In just one click, home owners can begin advertising their international properties and customers can start searching for their desired holiday villa or dream penthouse apartment. The website is attractive in design,simple and easy to use with a step by step guide and multi-language function, enabling property listings to be created and viewed by an international base of clients.

Viarentals.com is also very affordable compared to their competitors and proprietors can list their properties for free until they receive their first inquiry. Once an inquiry is made, the home owner pays a small flat fee - no commission nor hidden costs.

For renters, Viarentals.com makes it easy to find the desired accommodation, whether it's a luxury condo in Buenos Aires or an affordable weekend apartment in Paris, this site has a plethora of lodgings in various destinations to suit every taste and requirement. The professional and user friendly design also allows the customer to view numerous photos of each property, search by date, town and accommodation type and even communicate with the owner directly, thereby cutting out the middle man.

Viarentals.com is a hassle free and affordable platform, designed with ease and satisfaction in mind for both property owners and property seekers in the international market.