Vibrant Pets originated soon after my wife Irina and I opened a pet grooming salon. We became aware of the significant number of pets that have health issues, and began offering supplements to help our clients. The available supplements were expensive, showed limited effectiveness, and had little to no guarantee. My wife and I began extensive research into supplementation and met with leaders in the pet food industry. We developed the formulas, tested the formulas and went to market.

Vibrant Pets is a 100% Combat Related Disable Veteran owned company and holds a register trademark. Because Vibrant Pets is unique and had never before been produced we applied for a patent in January of 2011. We are awaiting final patent approval and Vibrant Pets is currently Patent Pending.

We have developed the most powerful and cost effective pet supplement for dogs, cats, and horses on the market today. Unlike other pet supplement companies that address pets’ health symptoms, Vibrant Pets addresses the cause of the health issue by boosting the pets’ immune system and providing additional support for their joints, muscles, skin and coat.

Our products are so powerful that we are the only pet supplement company on the market that offers a full money back guarantee if the user fails to see positive health results in their pet within 2 weeks.

Lee Phillips
President - Vibrant Pets inc.