Zhenying is one of the leading sieving machine and separation equipment manufacturers specialized in sieving machine, vibrating separator, shaker screener, separation equipment, multi-deck vibrating separator, vibrating screening equipment, round separator, multi-deck vibrating filter, noiseless vibrating separator, ultrasonic screener, shaker screen, and vibrating sieve. Since 1998 when Zhenying was running a small plant, has dedicated to the research and development of round vibrating screening equipment. We have been a header in manufacturing high quality vibrating screen separator & filter. More than 10,000 units have been sold, its quality have been welcomed and used by the relevant industries both abroad and at home occupied 70% for a number of years.
ZY separator & filter is now an essential requirement in nearly all industries. To obtain a quality controlled and product not only requires diligent ingredient choice but careful handling and processing. Removal of any substandard or unwanted matter is therefore a prime requirement. ZHENYING "ZY" sieving machines provides a cost effective, reliable and simple method of producing a constant material size by grading or check sieving of your powders, granules or liquids. Please send us your inquiry today regarding our sieving machine, separation equipment, vibrating separator, and other products.

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