Victoria Wellness Professionals Corporate Wellness Program is a natural extension of our in house wellness programs ( www.victoriawellness.com ) that incorporate exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.  This results in healthier, smarter and more productive employees.

Victoria Wellness has streamlined our training system over the years making it a more productive and results driven model that transfers to a healthier staff resulting in decreased health costs for the employer.

Optimal conditioning begins with a personal assessment and continues with coaching (Mentoring), hands on training and supervision (Monitoring), and lasts for the long term with lifestyle changes you can live with (Motivation).

Victoria Wellness uses an integrated training method that is based upon personal physical condition and goals.  Our training model is designed to improve physical fitness and strengthen the body's skeletal and muscular system using an integrated total body approach.

Our training model is based on the latest science and is developed to compliment the corporate structure by providing for maximum benefits in the quickest and safest way possible.

Narina Prokosch, RN CPT founded Victoria Wellness Professionals in March 2001.  As a Registered Nurse with over 10 years experience in the Operating Room and a Certified Personal Trainer with over 30,000 workout sessions conducted, Narina brings a unique perspective to the field of personal fitness and corporate wellness.

Narina has been featured on local radio as well as presenting at local businesses - her featured topic "The Hazards of Sitting Down on the Job - Risk and Injury Prevention".  She is also a published author (Ezine - expert author) covering topics such as stress reduction and health risks associted with office work.  Narina also contributes articles to several blogs and associated web sites (fitnessexpose.com   liveyoung.ca  besthealthmag.ca).