"Creative Writing with the Crimson League" is a daily creative writing blog founded in April 2012, where fantasy writer Victoria Grefer turns an English degree, a Master's degree in Spanish literature, a life of reading, and--most especially--ten years of creative writing and five written novels into tips for aspiring authors, whether they're looking to publish independently or traditionally.

The blog's url is http://www.crimsonleague.com.

Posts are logged in categories for easy access, and range from editing, first draft composition, point of view, and dialogue to marketing, beta readers, and the craziness that is National Novel Writing Month every November.

The blog's name comes from "The Crimson League," the title of the first novel in Grefer's Herezoth trilogy, independently published in 2012 and with a 4.5 star average rating on amazon.com.

By early 2014, "Creative Writing with the Crimson League" hops to publish an e-book based upon the content of the posts, with extra content that will never be published there. Make sure to keep an eye out for it and to follow the blog for publication news. Victoria also has a personal website, dedicated to her fiction, at http://www.victoriagrefer.com.