I am a freelance copywriter, author, model and businesswoman from Bournemouth in the United Kingdom.  My business background is in corporate finance and telecoms, where I gained a wealth of knowledge over 12 years collectively working in these sectors.  I write factual and fictional articles, case studies and advertorials for business clients. It was always my ambition to write novels too and in June 2011 I achieved this dream, and released my first fiction novel, It's a Girl's Game. This novel was subject to a vast amount of national press exposure in the UK, as the stories in the book are based on real life experiences and the subject matter is highly controversial. The feedback and reader reviews were fantastic, and 12 months later I'd completed a follow-on book, which is the second part in the It's a Girl's Game series. I have self-published the second book as an eBook for Amazon Kindle this month (June 2012) and am soon to release this work as a paperback too.