VidaThin™ empowers you in your daily diet to lead a full life naturally.  We founded VidaThin to become a part of your daily life helping you become more full with less in your diet, daily. Less daily consumption of the many unhealthy and fattening foods and drinks. We needed a product that was all natural, healthy, safe, and simple to use. We searched the world markets and tried every diet, detox and cleansing drink available. Nothing worked and do-it-yourself recipes were bad tasting and not convenient. This led us to create VidaThin and to create a community of like-minded consumers embracing the VidaThin lemon detox, portion control and regular exercise.  VidaThin is available online and at Amazon.com, and distributed in many countries through international distribution partners. For more information visit www.vidathin.com. Twitter, www.twitter.com/vidathin or Facebook, www.facebook.com/vidathin.