Martini Media is a video production company specializing in viral video marketing and HD video production for the web. We have offices in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.

Our Services:
Multi-day Shoot: Martini's creative team can help you tell your product's story from start to finish. We research your product and competitors to understand your edge. From there, we develop script concepts that are relevant, entertaining, and teach your customer about your competitive advantage. Once a concept is chosen, we develop a script and enter pre-production. After the shoot, our editing team develops the final cut. The end product can be used on your website, your partners website, video shares, or for broadcast. We can scale-down our high-end offerings for a web broadcast. We can also shoot your next corporate video, without our script writing services.

One-day Shoot: New to video? Martini will help you make a 30-90 second HD web commercial to help you sell your product or services. A Martini producer can help you refine your messaging, then shoot and edit the video all in one day. We also provide a marketing plan tell you how to best use that video to increase your ROI.

A Martini video accomplishes three things:
  1. It is relevant.
  2. It is entertaining.
  3. It teaches your competitive advantage.