I am an entrepreneur in the field of graphic design and video making online.
I decided to be the leader of myself, tired to being controlled by people who were not able to do their job.
I studied electronics engineering and when I was young I dreamt to become a musician. I love music and in some ways I wanted it to be part also of my working environment. So now I'm using my experience doing after effects openings and videoclip for my video making online activity.
When I was going to graduate, I've fallen in a heavy dark period of mental depression; after admitting to have an issue to solve, I decided to change my life and the way I face it, so I walked through a training path learning a lot: memorization techniques, public speaking, NLP, marketing, selling techniques, breathing techniques, drum circles facilitator techniques (all for my personal improvement), video making and graphic design skills for my professional improvement.
Now I'm following also a path to find the healthy and wealthy status also doing a new adventure for me, that is online marketing and connections with people all over the world.
My mentor in that is Alex Mandossian and his fantastic team.
I decided to share all my knowledges with the world, because I love to share and to help people to improve themselves as individuals and as professionals.
I like to expand my knowledges and I know that improvement is much much higher when done in a community.
So stay in touch with me and with my fellows, follow my circles and my groups.