The cost of client acquisition has reached new heights over the last few years. It is imperative every prospect you get through your marketing efforts sincerely feels that you've taken a personal interest in them and you want their business.

We have developed a proprietary technology that allows you to email a personal video from the account executive or the owner of the company, addressing the prospect by name in the video and thanking them for their interest in your product, service or campaign. Our technology allows you to send out 1 or 100,000 individually personalized videos.

In today’s society, when a prospect receives an email or letter in the mail, the general assumption is that it is a form letter. It is not as powerful as a sales executive or even the owner of the company standing in front of a video camera, in which they call the prospect by name and either, thank them for their business or at least for showing interest in their product or service. Our technology automates this process, so the personalized video message is produced once and prospect names are seamlessly added.