Our goal is to teach you to master the techniques using various tools to achieve high-end finishes for walls, furniture, and accessories so you too can create your own masterpieces.

Using our step by step instructional DVDs myself and several professional instructors will guide you into the Wonderful World of Faux Finishes, Stenciling, Murals, and Woodicing.

View our before & after pictures; Visit the testimonials and pictures of student work. Visit our extensive DVD collection filled with information that you can use to create the most alluring Faux Finishes!

The art of Faux finishing is a craft of its own, our DVD collection will teach you the following: Color Blending, Marble and Stone, Gliding, Crackle, Stencil and Strokes, Stencil & Texture, Murals made EZ, Student Examples plus more!

Learn this craft and art with  step-by-step instructional videos.  Discount Packages are available as well!