Vigor Concepts works with a diverse portfolio of Fortune 500 clients. As a promotional marketing firm, we specialize in tailoring campaigns specifically to our clients need. We provide targeted marketing/sales management and campaign support throughout the Chicago market and surrounding areas. In the next couple of years, as part of a company-wide initiative to better service our clients nationwide, we plan to provide more Fortune 500 companies with the benefit of our services and will use this continued expansion to solidify our client base and to continually add to our client portfolio. We hope to attain our goals by:

   * Supporting initiatives that encourage and enable our employees to benefit from and participate in the growth of our company.
   * Maintaining a high standard of quality instruction to better equip our employees with tools and information they need to attain a maximum level of effectiveness.
   * Ranking the growth of the individual of as much importance as the growth of the company, and as a result, establishing an advanced management through merit system.