Viking AT is the industry leader in research and development of piezo actuation technology. Viking AT specializes in ultra-low energy consumption, increasing reliability, much faster speed, greatly improved accuracy and response. Recently, Viking AT developed the ViVa™ Solid State Actuator. ViVa™ offers much lower power consumption compared with a standard electromagnetic solenoid. In addition, it has a faster cycling speed and response time, smaller size, less reaction to temperature variation and extremely good proportional control.

These features over standard electromagnetic solenoids offer benefits that apply to numerous applications such as valves, positioners, latches and locks requiring high degrees of precision. Additionally, very recent developments have allowed ViVa™ to improve performance in reciprocating devices such as pumps and compressors.

We Make The Things That Make Green Technology Greener!

With Viking AT’s ViVa® Piezo Technology solutions you get MORE power, FASTER speeds, BETTER precision and control, and GREATER reliability. Even better, its done with up to 98% reduction in power, providing ULTRA LOW power consumption and making it the latest in cutting-edge green technology.

Products Overview:

Piezo Amplified Actuators
Piezo Valves
Piezo Injectors
Piezo Driven Pumps
Viking SIAC Actuators
Custom ViVa® Piezo Technologies