The word Viking represents a noble barbarian; the toughest of men at war with only an axe and a shield ( or honorable gear like the axe or spear). The website’s name compliments this definition and gives an onlooker an idea of the type of content they would read about:  tough, intense, full-body melt down workouts with the goal of reaching an optimal fitness level. There are no bars held back when Viking Muscle tells you the cold hard facts such as: Your Kids are Fat or Why Your Warm Ups Suck. However, don’t let that steer you awry. Viking Muscle does include fitness information for the once-a-week fitness man or woman.  It contains articles about health issues, easy and difficult workout routines, eating a paleo diet, and specialty tips for Cyclists and Mixed Martial Artists.  Visit www.vikingmuscle.com for more information.