Villy Custom is renowned for offering consumers the ability to design their own custom cruiser bike, literally turning their bike into a fashion accessory on two wheels.  Based in Dallas, the company was founded by entrepreneur Fleetwood Hicks and it was chosen by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the 100 Most Brilliant Business Ideas of 2010. Villy Custom was also on season 3 of ABC’s Shark Tank on May 4th and got funded by Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.

Villy Custom assembles each bike on a “made to order” basis in their HQ in Dallas, Texas and sells/ships directly to consumer’s homes within the United States. Unique bicycle features include custom powdercoat hardware colors, reflective finishes, handmade badges, seatcovers and an assortment of 14 different tire colors to chose from. The company also has a Branded bike program for organizations and businesses.

Fleetwood became hooked on what he calls “riding just for fun” after deciding to rent a cruiser bike for an hour on Venice Beach and coming back 6 hours later.  He translated his creative talents of fashion design into the Villy Custom Brand in 2008. The icon of the Brand is Fleetwood’s dog, a 145 lb. Bullmastiff named DeVille aka Villy.