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VineSecurityJournal is building a destination where security professionals can find trustworthy information about security products and service providers. While most sites on the internet are simply linking to other's material, or reshashed press releases, our readers will find original content.  We'll bring you news, reviews and analysis written by leaders of the security industry. They will find product descriptions, product reviews, and links to useful resources like documents,events,webinars,and whitepapers.

Vine Security Journal is striving to be your site of choice for security product information:

Our database already contains almost 10,000 products from thousands of suppliers. We will continue to update the database on a weekly basis, to provide you with fresh and continually updated information. Our document library will be a single place to get your hands on critical documents, both sales and technical.  Our media list will cover a wide range of important events.

Who writes for Vine Security Journal?

Vine Security Journal is published and edited by Mitch Vine.     Contact him at mitchvine@securitynr.com

Our contributing writers are carefully selected based on their expertise to comment on products, companies and technologies.  News articles and editor reviews are limited to writers who have established their expertise and their reputation for honest and balanced writing. Although Vine Security Journal is partily funded by advertisers, we are careful to provide to provide unbiased news and reviews,  and also give readers a chance to rate reviews for usefulness.  Our reputation is important to us.

We are looking for qualified writers. If you would like to write for Vine Security Journal,  contact Mitch Vine at mitchvine@securitynr.com

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