Vinopic.com is a new online wine store providing wine drinkers real insights into the true quality of each wine. By empowering consumers to select wines knowing exactly what’s in the wine they will be drinking, Vinopic aims to guide consumers to make quality-driven wine choices and get better value for money.

The focus is on what’s inside the bottle and the quality factors you can and cannot taste. By highlighting the difference in what’s actually in wine and the important information that’s not on wine labels, the aim is to steer consumers to drink better and more enjoyable wines which are made in a skilled and caring way from the highest quality grapes.

Vinopic brings together one of the UK’s leading wine writers and critics, Rosemary George MW and world renowned health expert and author of The Wine Diet, Professor Roger Corder. These two experts assess and score every wine at Vinopic for the two key elements of wine quality. Roger guides consumers in the direction of higher “natural quality” by taking into consideration the richness in grape polyphenols. Rosemary ensures the wines are of superior “drinking quality”, rewarding aroma, taste and pleasure.

Clear information is provided alongside every wine for the units of alcohol and also the calories for each wine in different size servings. This ensures consumers are able to monitor their alcohol consumption, and also their calorie intake. A graphical presentation of the levels of procyanidins, total polyphenols as well as alcohol, sulphites and sugar is provided for each wine. This allows consumers to make an informed choice knowing the wines they will drink meet important quality criteria.