The founder of VIP Piano Club Inc, Ryan David Dwyer, discovered a new definition for V.I.P., that is, Very Impressive Pianist. In contrasts to the reading based, technique based, and aural based systems (sometimes called "traditional"), the playing based approach richly compliments the recreational instruction of most sport facilities where the club rents space for lessons. Their chosen curriculum, Simply Music, was founded by Neil Moore in Australia, upon the premise that, "Every human being - without exception - is musical." The club intends to be a big part in SM's future, which entails:
* Creating a breakthrough in the global relationship to music
* Creating a new era of engagement, creativity, self-expression and fulfillment
* Creating a world where everyone plays

In addition to music education, VIP Piano Club Inc also facilitates relationships in the piano product and entertainment promotion industries. Online piano concerts and offering students special order digital & acoustic pianos are part of the company's future.