Vipspace Enterprises is a company that only offers its services to Celebrities and Foundations.

DOTVIP® is a service mark for services of Internet marketing and media presence for "very important persons" and "very important projects", also called VIPs. The name DOTVIP® stands for internet marketing services and for providing only for VIPs.

Your name is your brand! It is very important, that this very valuable asset is protected and polished. The new Internet campaign “Do Good and Show It” is offering its service brand “DOTVIP® Footprint” to celebrities and non-profit organizations and the opportunity to actively promote your name on the Internet the way you want to promote it. The internet platform at www.vipspaces.com documents already how many “DOTVIP® footprints” an organization or person continuously leaves through philanthropic activities. Those “footprints” made be used to lead to donation campaigns. However, first and foremost they should be used to “Do Good and Show It”, as the goal is to focus attention on those activities, document them and raise awareness about them. DOTVIP® effectively presents significant and positive involvement in the Internet and the media by celebrities from show business, sports, politics and sience, as well as benefactors and promoters of measures to protect the environment. Therefore all the fans, the audience and all interested persons on the exemplary role of the VIPs will be informed and will make an imitation effect.