Established in 2007, with the express purpose of designing and manufacturing Customized Audio Module/PCBA, Shenzhen Vire Silicon & Technology Co., Ltd has experienced significant growth in the past years and continues to move upward to address the needs of the global market through improved technology. Now we’re the leading manufacturer and exporter of Audio Module/PCBA in China.

Over 5,000㎡ manufacturing plant located in Ganli Industrial Park, Shenzhen, China, with 200 skilled workers and experienced R&D team. There are four FuJi high-speed chip mounters and four multifunctional machines in our SMT workshops, and the daily capacity up to 3,000,000 dots. With four reflow soldering production lines in the DIP workshops, daily capacity of PCBA reach to 70,000 pieces. The advanced testing and inspecting instruments, strictly quality control process make our defective rate less than 0.1%.

Until now, we have gained praises from clients around the world, this attributes to our efficient management and strict requirements on quality in company’s continuous development and innovation. Our products conforms to most advanced international safety standards and environmental protection requirements, yet we have been certified by the ISO9001:2008 Certificate, CE, UL, RoHS and other standards, now with the customers from Europe, America, Oceania and Asia-Pacific region.

Professional engineers, hard-working staff and advanced equipments allow us to design with the requirements of the OEM, make variety customized audio module/PCBA quickly and reliably. Based on the spirit of "Innovation, Development, Pragmatism, Responsibility", we continues to invest in R & D, Staff Training, Costs Control with modern management. VIRE sincerely hope to satisfy you by providing best products and excellent service.