Orange County DUI lawyer Virginia Landry is an experienced and aggressive legal professional who has helped countless clients defend their rights and freedom over the past two decades. Attorney Landry and her legal team understand well the consequences of a DUI conviction, even for a first time offense. Charges such as these often result in at least $15,000 in court fines and fees, they mar the individual’s permanent criminal record and may cause the person to be imprisoned for a significant period of time. Furthermore, they are at the very least a significant inconvenience, as they will require time off of work for community service, court dates, jail time and other legal repercussions. The importance of hiring an effective and skilled DUI attorney cannot be understated.

At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry, the DUI attorneys guide and support clients as they navigate the legal system and uphold their innocence. The firm’s long-standing history in Orange County has fostered mutual respect and professional relationships with law enforcement officials, judges and prosecutors. Those who hire representation from this firm will receive not only counsel in the criminal aspects of the case but in the administrative areas as well. Attorney Landry always offers her services for the administrative DMV hearing in order to strengthen her defense of the client’s case.

Furthermore, the small size of the firm means that all clients are given the attention and respect that they deserve. Her office also has a wealth of information available on her Orange County http://www.duiqueen.com/ DUI website. Do not let your rights fall by the wayside! Make sure they have strong support and aggressive defense by hiring a knowledgeable and experienced DUI defense lawyer! When your freedom is at stake, don’t take any chances! Call today to schedule a free case consultation!