Virginia Rain, a Pranic healing,  Permanent makeup and Skin care studio.

We specialise in Intradermal Cosmetics and Aesthetics.

4217 Admiral Way S.W Seattle, WA 98116

We specialise in Intradermal Cosmetics and Aesthetics.

Have you considered the advantages of permanent makeup?

If you're someone who craves freedom from the costly hastle of tedious daily
makeup application, because you're an active person with little time, or perhaps
you have allergies to conventional makeup, then stop and take a look at your

If you have eyesight challenges, permanent makup is a real blessing.

Why not wake up with makup?

And you should know that classic entertainers, actors, models—such as Elizabeth
Taylor, Dolly Parton, Raquel Welch, Cher & Others have chosen permanent makup to
enhance thier careers and quality of life, just as you can too.

Beyond this, have you heard that many contemporary, high exposure entertainers do
as well? Just do an interweb search for 'permanent makup celebritys' and you will
find countless personalitys that are in the know, who have discovered this
insider fashion must.

In fact, some athletic professionals, who tend to shed or smear thier makeup,
know that permanent makup is a fantastic choice!
As you start to consider the advantages of permanent makeup because your a man or
women who deserves to look your best, and younger too, all of the time,

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