The Viridios Approach
In 2015 the Viridios founders joined forces with a common vision: Address the world’s oldest industry, agriculture, and continually enhance it with practical innovation and front line know-how. Our focus on robust innovation, sustainable agricultural solutions and community integration make every Viridios solution the right solution.

The Viridios Team
Our team of industry experts includes engineers and scientists with deep knowledge of key processes in the agricultural supply chain. From organic extraction to advanced growing solutions, from the internet-of-things-for-plants to high performance indoor lighting. Viridios is an ideal partner for top performing agricultural ventures.

We support an open and collaborative approach to product development and would love to understand your unique requirements and deliver a solution that fits you perfectly.

Viridios will be your most effective partner for cutting-edge agricultural processing.

Executive Team

Donald Kenney
Donald draws on his experience as an officer of the Federal Reserve Bank, as an executive at several banks, and as the CEO of Equiserve, the nation’s largest stock transfer company. Donald holds an MBA from MIT and is a director of StructureTec, a national engineering firm. He spends his time with his five children and is active in numerous charitable pursuits including a directorship for Delta Dental of Massachusetts.

Ethan Moon
Ethan Graduated in 2015 from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a BS in Applied Mathematics. Ethan has published numerous academic papers in the fields of mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Prior to his work at Viridios, Ethan worked in software development for a Massachusetts based manufacturing software start-up. Ethan’s wealth of knowledge is invaluable in helping Viridios stay on the forefront of agricultural technology. Outside of work Ethan is a reviewer for academic journals including the International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and speaks at academic conferences on topics related to mathematics and supercritical fluids.

Shane Kenney
Chief Financial Officer
Shane graduated from Boston College with a B.S. in finance after which he spent many years growing his Massachusetts real estate development company. His work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit has allowed him to establish many successful businesses. Shane is a former elite rower and has held multiple rowing world records.

Tomas Casals
Chief Development Officer
Before working at Viridios, Tomas ran a firm dedicated to solving complex engineering problems for a variety of industries and applications. Tomas’s unique mechanically inclined mind is responsible for the best of Viridios’s innovations. Tomas’s insatiable appetite for every facet of innovation and design carries over to his personal life where he spends most of his free time building and racing cars.

Viridios Research
Viridios is dedicated to furthering research and to building the equipment that keeps you on the cutting edge of agricultural innovation. Through its many partners including Medicann and the CESC, and at its research hemp farm in Kentucky Viridios is investing in the future. Viridios equipment is not designed to follow the trend but lead new paths of innovation and success.