Virrealismo Publishing is an independent British book publisher founded in 2010 by Maria Pellegrini, (pen name, "Lavirrealista").  This was the year when eBooks went mainstream internationally with an explosion of new titles for this exciting medium, representing a fundamental change in publishing.
Today writers are increasingly self-publishing and they are facilitated by the rapid take off of hand held reading devices, affordable and less complicated graphic designer programs and last, but not least, the unstoppable progress of the Internet.
Specialising in social science fiction, mainly, (but also non-fictional essays), Virrealismo Publishing set out its intention to represent the modern indie-publisher who, being technology-savvy, is better capable of communicating his own message in a multimedia environment for today's demanding reader and society.
This is what Virrealismo Publishing is aiming to achieve, freedom of expression, technology enabled.